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Methinks I maybe drank a bit too much. I had a watermelon 4loko — the only acceptable (read: drinkable) type of 4loko, and two glasses of moscato. I didn’t get drunk, but I fell asleep for a bit with the heater on and woke up feeling like I was about to melt. I’m not one to sleep in warm conditions because it makes me sticky.

For the most part I don’t really drink. The taste of alcohol leaves something to be desired, I need to drink either very strong drinks or a lot of a little to actually feel it, and even then I’m very bad at knowing my threshold. I drank pretty hard in college and have very firm memories of throwing up quite a lot during those moments.

One time, freshman year, my roommates threw me a birthday party because I was turning 19. They got me a handle of rum and I eventually got so drunk I mixed rum and chocolate milk. Needless to say I spent some time on our patio throwing up into a plastic trash can. When the RAs came through and saw me they asked if I was ok and I said yes so I wouldn’t get in trouble.

That same night I literally crawled to my bed and passed out. I didn’t get hangovers then but I do now and even the small ones suck. Needless to say I am going to spend the day drinking water and feeling a little less than 100%. Here’s to hoping!

Love you mom (who hates drinking), dad (used to drink a lot in college), sis (smart drinker), Marie (lighter weight than myself, Amelia (baby, no alcohol), kitty (no alcohol)


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