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Moving this Time Around


We’ll be moving in about 9 days. The plan is to go to the new property next Friday to get the keys and start the move in. They’ll be sending us the lease this upcoming Monday. We’ll have our current apartment through the end of the month, but realistically I would like to give keys to this place no more than a few days after we leave.

The place we live has been nice, and both Marie and I are a little sad to go, but it’s the right time. We are both a little worried the apartment complex will keep our deposit because all the reviews online indicate that that is a reoccurring issue. In the end I don’t mind all that much. I try not to care too much about money. I just want this place in our hind sights sooner rather than later.

It’s interesting to move to a relatively nearby location. We’re moving about 10 minutes away to a new apartment that’s a bit bigger, suits our needs more, and doesn’t have a history of hiding the double homicides that happen on its property. The last time we moved was a bit different. We used to live by the college we met at which was at least 5-6 hours away from many main cities. So when we moved the last time we actually had to pack up all our stuff and drive away.

I don’t know if I would ever want to do that again given it was one of the more stressful moments of my life and contributed to some tension over the weeks following. However, I am hopeful that this move goes much more straightforward. One way or another I’ll be moving with my family and what’s right for them is more often than not right for me.

Love you mom, dad, sister, Marie, Amelia, kitty


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