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Old Roommate


This may be one of the few days where I write the log the day it happened rather than the morning after. It’s still a daily diary one way or another, just filtered through the lens of sleep and, on some occasions, more time than others.

Uneventful day. Worked, prepped, edited. I started helping an old roommate with a theater project he’s doing in town. He’s accepting scripts that could be performed through a digital chat room like zoom, or recorded and then streamed. I have dabbled in theater so I agreed to help screen a couple scripts to see if it passes my smell test.

So far I’ve read 3. My old roommate also encouraged me to submit stuff. I actually acted in a play with them once. I considered us very good friends, but he was kind of shallow. He has a theater production company now, which is what he’s always wanted, but even then I think she had blinders on.

I remember driving him to work for weeks and every morning I’d ask how he was. His reply, every morning, without fail was “same old same old.” And then one night when Marie (still just a friend at the time) and I were chilling on the couch he came home plastered drunk. He walked up the stairs laughing like a madman and the moment he got to the top he started weeping.

One of my other roommates (who was close to this guy) took him into his bedroom and I remember the drunk ass yelling “I just want someone to ask how I’m doing.” He meant someone romantically involved. Even then, I would have liked to be closer friends with him.

Oh well! I’m shampooing carpets and moving boxes tomorrow so this post is getting scheduled ahead of time. Thank you very much for reading. Have a good [insert time of day here].

Love you mom, dad, sis, Marie, Amelia, kitty


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