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Cheesecake Ants


A sty has been developing for the past few days while we get settled. I think it’s because of the changing seasons and also because of my inconsistent sleep patterns. I want to get on a better routine but Amelia doesn’t always go to bed at the same time because she’s a willfully resistant little ball of grump, and I also want to get the most out of the day.

Then, tonight, when Marie and I were about to have sex, I saw the empty cheesecake tin she left on her side table was crawling with ants so that killed the vibe immediately. We cleaned as best we could and I sprayed some bug barrier on the window in our room and our front door. We’ll talk to the complex tomorrow to see if they can help with anything.

I can’t stand ants. I’d rather have them than any other bugs but they skeeve me out. I went home for my sophomore year of college winter break and was the first one back. There was a trail of ants in our bathroom and I dealt with that. I checked the cabinets but didn’t see anything. The next day, when I got back from rehearsal, I opened our freezer and thought it was weird that someone had spilled coffee grounds.

Only, I looked closer, and realized they were moving and soon learned they were not coffee grounds but literal piles of ants. I felt my bones crawl within me. I swept the piles into a Tupperware container and then just fucking deep cleansed our fridge. We kept the container full of ants on our living room table as a reminder to not be fucking disgusting.

Even the smallest things, with enough repetition, have the power to totally flip your whole shit through the window.

Love you dad, sis, mom, Amelia, Marie, kitty


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