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Gut Biome


Those antibiotics sure are working because my eye is no longer swollen and shaded like a crab, but goodness are they doing something else to my digestive tract. I’m not going to get blue, but I definitely felt some intestinal distress throughout all of yesterday. It’s not a throw up sick but more like a “hey this food is in a chemical bath right now so it’ll digest, but just give us a moment.”

When I looked at the side affects of the medication it said that one possibility is diarrhea. But then it also specified that I could experience diarrhea within the next couple weeks/months and it’s like, given that time frame I wouldn’t think it’s from the medicine.

I can’t drink animal milk. My body has a hard time digesting it and I just don’t like feeling the pain inside of my body radiating as a heater would. Marie has the same problem so we drink almond milk. However, Amelia can handle it and is still growing so she gets yucky cow’s milk. It’s a little weird to me knowing for a good portion of my life I drank it and now I couldn’t even stomach it.

An odd nuance I’ve noticed, however, is that I prefer to cook with normal milk. Almond milk leaves a weird, smooth flavor with the food. The normal milk doesn’t affect us as much if we cook with it, so we get to indulge a bit, I suppose. Too, I can eat cheese relatively fine, but not if it’s soft cheese. That lays waste to me.

Wellp that’s the end of my dairy exploration. The doctor suggested I eat yogurt to help with my gut biome on account of the probiotics so I guess we’ll see what twists that takes me down!

Love you mom, dad, Marie, Amelia, sis, kitty


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