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Three Minutes


Writing this post in the three minutes it takes my noodles to cook in the microwave. I got a different brand at the store this past time because I thought the original had rebranded but it just turned out to be an oddly attractive design in familiar settings. The quality of the noodles does not matter as they cook as fast as the original brand.

Not much has changed in the way of family issues from yesterday to today. However, there is strength in that because Marie and her sisters are sticking to their convictions. They are all fed up with their mother’s behavior and their fathers constant enabling of it. I am proud to see her stay strong. It is not easy and we’re sort of taking our stress out on each other, but we’ve addressed it and promised to work towards healthier outlets.

Our cat, Alexander Kitty is overweight so we’ve lowered the amount of food we give him and taken the time to carve out playtime with him. We found the laser pointer that we thought got lost in the move and he has really been enjoying the exercise as well. Altogether I think playing with him is a great stress relief because I have always love cats. I actually have a cat tattoo dedicated to my old cat. It is a cat skull because bones are neat.

I didn’t finish writing this before the microwave went off but at least I’ll finish it pretty quickly. It’s not always a matter of doing it perfect, but rather just doing it. The repetition breeds familiarity and that familiarity begets confidence.

Love you kitty, Marie, Amelia, mom, dad, sis


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