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Marie and I have been a little more snippy/short with each other. I think it’s the stress of the changing seasons, the fact that she hates her job, but also the reality that her mom is not a good person. We were chilling Sunday evening when she got a message from her younger sister who still lives with their parents that their mom was drunk and going crazy.

My mother-in-law is very lightweight and apparently went to a party (which is already fucked up because COVID is not over) and got sloshed. Like to the point where my FIL had to help her walk. Then, on the car ride back, she continually hit his bad knee and tried jumping out of the car. Then, for the rest of the evening, she just screamed at them. She threatened to throw a space heater at my younger sister-in-law and that shit makes my blood boil.

I have never liked my MIL. She’s like a textbook narcissist. Every little fucking thing has to be about her and it has caused HUGE tension between Marie and I in the past. She knows her mom’s not the best person because she herself has been abused, bother verbally, physically, and emotionally by her. But they never say anything because she goes apeshit every time she feels like she’s being critiqued and it’s wild.

At this point I drew a pretty hard line and said Amelia is not allowed to go over there because I don’t feel safe. At this point it’s not a matter of “if” my MIL will hurt my daughter/wife/sister-in-law, but rather a matter of “when.”

They’re thinking about doing an intervention for her, but the only reason she’s acting this bold is because Marie’s older sister went no contact with their mom, and their mom is a bored, miserable homebody who refuses to get help and refuses to find a hobby that’s not judging others. I think the intervention is pointless. She’s not going to change. She’s going to pretend to change to get everyone off her back then go back to her old ways.

I think everyone just needs to cut ties with her so she can see that she’s pushed everyone she loves away. Then, when she tries to come back, they can gate it with “not until you seek professional medical advice and commit to getting better.” My last SIL regularly abused hard drugs like heroin and cocaine, and this one regularly cusses out her daughters because she’s insecure. Feels more like a lateral jump than a forward one if you ask me.

Love you Marie, Amelia, sis, mom, dad, kitty


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