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City Park


I took Amelia to a park in the city today. I knew I wanted to do something fun with her again, but didn’t want it to be another hike since she can get a little tired of those. My first idea was the zoo, since it’s outdoors and we can social distance better, but all the tickets were sold out. There’s a trampoline park but I still think she’s just a bit too small for one of those. And there was a sort of semi-aquarium, semi-educational facility not too far, but figured that’d be best saved for another time.

The park in the city was huge! It’s one of those places that makes you wish you were a kid again so you could get the full scope and scale. She played with another little girl pretty much the whole time. By played I mean they ran from place to place and went down the slide, but even then they had a blast. The other girls mom and I talked a bit, but I’m not much for chatting with strangers. I don’t blame her and she was very lovely and kind, it’s just that I’m there for my daughter not for me.

I don’t mean that with any misanthropy. Just that I want my time to be spent making sure Amelia is safe, having fun, and playing nicely. The playground structure itself was enormous and had plenty of space for parents to walk and play with their little ones. I had fun climbing a few places to make sure Amelia stayed in my field of view. I didn’t stop her from doing anything. It was busy so I wanted to make sure I kept a close eye on her.

Oh to be young and screaming in the spring sun as you play with a bee friend on a castle built with tax payer money. The dream itself ends before you’re present enough to realize it is one.

Love you Amelia, Marie, mom, dad, sis, kitty


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