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Cheetah Memory


Amelia and Marie went to the zoo today. They went to a little park area in midtown that does pony rides, but the ponies weren’t there so they took their joy elsewhere. From what I heard and saw they had a lovely time. Marie and I have gotten used to larger zoos over our lives so Marie was a bit disappointed by the size, but at that same time we both agree we feel better seeing everything in a zoo rather than only a fraction of it.

A little over a year ago Marie’s god sister gave us a really awesome tour of the Oakland zoo because she works there. That was a grand old time and sort of set the standard for us. At the end of the day I’m grateful for the conservation efforts zoos provide, and am lucky to have the opportunity to observe beautiful animals I wouldn’t normally get to see.

When I was a kid back in Kinder Care my favorite animal was a cheetah. It got to the point where all my teachers knew about the cheetah. One day, they gave a scenario along the lines of “you’re stuck in traffic and have to get to the store. If you could change into an animal to get there, what would it be and how would you go?” Needless to say I picked cheetah and said I would run there, but I remember the teacher rolling their eyes in that “oh how silly” way and feeling a little undercut at the time.

That being said this memory might be apocryphal since it has been clouded with about 20 years of time and space. One way or another I was a cat lover then and am a cat lover now. Something about growing trees and the apples that fall from them?

Love you kitty, mom, dad, sis, Marie, Amelia


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