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Spending time with family is nice. I haven’t seen my family in about two years, if not more. I do miss my parents and my sister dearly. Growing up we were close, but not microscopically. There was an unspoken knowledge that we each had our own lives, so if we wanted to be alone there was no shame. In the end though, as I grow older, part of me wishes the unspoken barrier could come down and our family could come together in a way we haven’t before.

When I told my sister we were expecting she revealed to me that she had this dream I would move down to LA with her and we would be best sibling friends. I love my sister and wish that for us, but it was hard to hear considering that, when we grew up, I felt like she wanted nothing to do with me.

She was often busy with school, and by the time she was in college I was in 8th grade, so our ages didn’t necessarily mesh. Even then, I remember being really close when we were very young. As the years go by we grow closer and become more open with each other. I just wish we had gotten on this path sooner. I have certainly changed as a person over the years, so that makes it helpful to connect. But in the end there will always part of me that wants to know my sibling in an open, honest way so we can truly understand what the other doesn’t.

Love you sis,


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