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4:30am Again

4-30-21 Stayed up until about 4:30am again. It’s these dang weekends. Marie fell asleep putting Marie down for the night, then she came to bed and fell right back asleep. I used the time to play video games. That’s all I ever seem to do with my free time. I’m not a big fan ofContinue reading “4:30am Again”

Misplaced Energy

4-28-21 This post might sound a bit silly but I was playing video games with other people online and a random player cussed me out because I broke an unspoken rule and it really hurt my feelings. I guess I was more taken aback than hurt. She was the first truly unkind player I’ve playedContinue reading “Misplaced Energy”


4-15-21 Spending time with family is nice. I haven’t seen my family in about two years, if not more. I do miss my parents and my sister dearly. Growing up we were close, but not microscopically. There was an unspoken knowledge that we each had our own lives, so if we wanted to be aloneContinue reading “Sibling”