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Buried a Bit


Got my 2nd COVID vaccine shot yesterday. The line was a lot quicker. I asked the person giving me the shot why, and she, (Kristy, so she said), told me it’s because last time they kept a lot more frozen to preserve them but this morning they were ready and had a lot more to go at a consistent pace. I did not mind waiting the first time. Amelia is at her grandparents and I missed her a lot while I got my shot. I wished she was there to help comfort me.

After that I ran to some thrift stores. Got myself come cool, colorful shorts, some more books for Amelia, and then some tennis racquets for Marie and I. We went and played at the court across the street after I picked her up from work. A funny, young man ran around the court and “played” with us. In reality he just made us worried we would hit him.

Before I picked Marie up I played a lot of video games and watched a digital show my friend Donovan was in. I love him and his acting. He’s very funny. After tennis I tried to call and talk to him but he didn’t answer. If he’s anything like me he just got too nervous to chat. But we sent a few messages earlier this week and I know the friendship is still there. Just buried a bit. I hope he’s alright.

Love you Amelia & Donovan


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