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Art Museum


Had a great day today. Slept in late with the family to rest my eye. Dropped Marie off at work then took Amelia to an art museum downtown. I had never been and was really surprised at how big it was. There was a lot of art. I really liked a lot of the contemporary stuff, and there was an enormous and gorgeous nature painting of Yosemite in their more classical-style section.

After that we went home and chilled for a bit, then started getting ready to go to the water park. My eye still has a stye. A hair got stuck to that eye ball and it hurt to heck. I thought we would have to stay, but I got it off and felt good. Amelia had an ok time at the park. She didn’t really get too wet, but she at least ran around a bit.

She likes to go stand by kids she wants to be friends with, but she doesn’t talk, and she doesn’t really play. I have mixed feelings about it. It only ever bothers me when she gets mad at me because the other kids aren’t playing with her. But she’s not super used to socializing, so I know she’ll get better.

Worked some OT to get important data out, but after I finished that I started editing the podcast, and by the time I was done with the podcast I closed everything (including the OT document) which meant none of the work got saved. I still got paid that sweet cash, but no have to redo all the work.

Altogether it was a very nice day.



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