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Well this one’s a little embarrassing: tried to sell my car but couldn’t because I’m a little spaced out sometimes.

Drove the old Ford to a CarMax nearby so I could finally sell it since my dad has been asking as it’s on their insurance. Well I get there talk to someone, and then start the waiting process as they review my vehicle. My phone is about to die, but I’m talking with Marie so she can come and get me, and all this and all that.

Time passes, I get the offer (a lot more than I anticipated) and I go grab the title that my parent’s mailed me. Well when I went to the business office I wasn’t actually able to sell my car because the title’s not under my name and even though my dad signed the back that all means relatively nothing if they’re not here in person. That could be wrong, but I’m not trying to sell my car to a stranger. I’m trying to sell my car to CarMax, and all they care about is their paperwork.

So I drove home in mixed shame knowing I have a car they’ll buy, but realizing the paper that says I own the car is wrong. Or incorrectly labeled. Bureaucratic bullshit if you ask me. Now I just need to overnight my parent’s the paperwork so they can get it notarized and mailed back all before the 5th which is when my offer expires. And while all of this was going on Marie was trying to rush dinner so she could come get me in time so I wouldn’t be stranded at a CarMax.

Here’s to hoping the DMV has room over in Colorado.



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