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Final Nail


The final nail has been driven into the proverbial coffin: I am officially over my job and making active steps toward shedding this metaphorical skin of mine.

This is not to say I haven’t been over my job. The consistency of the position, the straightforwardness of the work, and the positive work ethic of the people on my team has made it bearable. But I’ve been sick since this past Wednesday and working every day from home and I’m really starting to feel burnt out.

The last straw came when I got talked down on by a boss who’s not technically my boss. He’s a co-owner of the company but he manages and directs the sales side of the ordeal, not the operations where I am but. But my boss is on vacation this week so he’s stepping in on some of the roles.

A few weeks ago another ops member gave their two week notice. My boss asked if said ops person could train me on the work they do. I was up front and said I’d love to learn but did not have the capacity to actually do the extra work. They were fine with that. Well, about a week after they left they hired a temp to get through the lost ops backlog (a convoluted amount of work requiring the translation of one data set to another) and my boss wanted me to manage them. I think it would’ve gone fine in the office but there were two issues:

1) I was too sick to go back to the office, and
2) I don’t ever want to go back to the office.

But come Monday I realized I wouldn’t be in, so I told the people I was going to work with that they’d have to do it without me, and J (sales boss) called to tell me I was unprofessional because I didn’t get this worked out last week. I told him I didn’t know how to do the work they were asking of me, but I also didn’t plan to be sick.

It pissed me off so much. Why am I labeled as unprofessional when you waited a week after the person left to hire a temp? Why am I the lazy one when you waited until after the last minute to give a shit? What’s most frustrating is that the extra work needed to be done is based on one of J’s projects. I know he’s bitter because we’re behind but it’s like come on: either manage your own jobs or shut the fuck up.

So I touched up my resume, (and my manager’s who I’m close with (and who is also wanting to leave)), and applied to some places. Here’s hoping I can jump out of here soon!



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