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Sunday Undead


The peace of knowing it is the last day of the weekend but not the last day of your time off is a rare bliss. It is the anxiety of finite time melting into a little bit more. It is Sunday ennui turned into Saturday doppelganger. You know the feeling you get when you step on a particularly crunchy leaf, and as you move your foot away the form is the same but your ear drums are still buzzing from the satisfaction? That is the undead Sunday. That is indulging to be rewarded with deeper depravities. I didn’t do a god damn thing of note today except laze about with my family and that’s all I could want.

Got a new phone coming on the way because my current one can last maybe 2-3 hours before it needs a full charge. It is still a miracle of technology, but I worry about being stuck. And even then that’s just me saying I want something new. I like my phone and all, but it reminds me every few days that I don’t have any storage left. I like to take pictures and getting a new phone just means more space for memories. And a bigger screen wouldn’t hurt, either.

I guess I’m trying to rationalize my spending habits to myself. Because my brain can’t be satisfied with relaxing so it has to stress over every little thing I do. Oh well, I suppose. No use in fighting something that’s fighting itself.



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