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Honor the $1200


COVID test came back negative so I could finally go out and do some chores. Tried to sell my car again because my parents were able to fill out the release papers that California requires. However, when I went to the CarMax, they didn’t have the paperwork. Instead, it got sent to one of their facilities about 75 miles west.

I was tempted to drive there but I didn’t want to bother, especially since the car is not my safest bet. More so I wanted to get there because the offer they gave me for appraisal is only good until the fifth. That wouldn’t be an issue with overnight, except for the fact that they told me FedEx doesn’t pick up from them on Saturdays. And Labor Day is Monday so it likely won’t get shipped until Tuesday to arrive some time on Wednesday. My spirit was a big dragged down, but then the manager said that if the new appraisal is less than the original, they would honor the $1200 offered.

Beyond that the day was fine. Tried to get a new phone but I went to a sketchy Verizon retailer where they looked like they wanted to kill me more than help me with phone stuff. The guy at the front told me to call a number to transfer services and all I could think was “then what do you get paid to do here, at the phone store?” He listened to me on hold for ten minutes before I took off. It just seems silly to me.

At least I’m not sick anymore. The weight is gone, and I feel jubilation again. That’s just code for “I had enough energy to fuck,” and I won’t be ashamed about it.



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