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Context & Perspective


The day started kind of rocky. We didn’t have time to get a sweet treat like Marie wanted last night so we planned to grab it before she went to work. However, Amelia was acting very impolite all morning — screaming at us, slamming doors, throwing things. When Marie was trying to brush her teeth Amelia tried to hit. So we didn’t let her get any treats.

On top of that Marie has been stressed about her own income because pretty much all of it goes to bills. I will say that is sort of the norm. I feel for her but she’s sometimes a little behind the adult curve so I think it’s just a shock to her. We are going to see one of my favorite bands in Oakland toward the end of the month. The original plan was to get a hotel but it’s just too expensive, and Marie is really worried about the car getting broken into or something. So we’ll likely stop somewhere, take B.A.R.T. into the city, and go from there.

After Amelia and I dropped Marie off at work I took her to a ranch further into the Central Valley. There has been significantly less smoke lately so we took the opportunity to go outside. It was a really nice time. Amelia rode on a pony, we shared some apple donuts, perused through some of the crafts, she got her face painted, got Marie some earrings, and got myself a little hand-crafted wood flute.

We picked up Marie from work then the evening was bumpy. Marie was not any less stressed, to the point where we just had to take the evening separate so as not to stir the pot. Played a TTRPG with my old friend from college, but we didn’t have much fun after the character creation.

Altogether a great, full day. Grateful for the ups and downs that help provide context and perspective to each other.



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