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Went out bowling with some friends from work and got absolutely shit faced.

The lanes near my apartment were having a $75 deal where up to 6 people could bowl until 11:30pm so we snagged it. My coworker Eli is really good at bowling. He rolled three strikes in a row at one point. When we ran out of time we went and did the punch machine. I got 2nd out of the 4 of us. Eli hit 934, Danny hit 563, Adrian hit 56, and I hit 872! Then Eli did it again and broke the machine he punched so hard. Eli and Adrian left around midnight so Danny and I stayed to shoot pool. I ended up puking out his car window the whole way home, and then even more in my toilet at the apartment because I easily drank a half bottle of tequila (and then 2 shots of whiskey). It was bad. Yet still a good night all things considered.



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