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Vacuum Sock


After dinner I had a lightning strike of energy so decided to pick up around the house. Organized the clutter a bit, swept the floors, and vacuumed most everywhere. However, when I was just about done with Amelia’s room I got a sock caught in the vacuum.

At first I didn’t think it would be sucked up, then I thought it would just go through. However it definitely got stuck. When I found where it was in the tube I tried flailing it around like a tank top at a summer festival to see if it would fall out. In the end I just kept massaging it further through the tube until it got sucked into the filter. That was one dusty sock. In the end I was pleased because I had dislodged it, but also because I didn’t lose my cool. However, I was quite surprised by how sweaty it made me. Maybe not the best sign from the world.



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