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Old School


Recently got back into a game I played a lot as a child, and then extensively right after Amelia was born.

It’s an online browser MMORPG called RuneScape. Specifically, I play old school RuneScape, not RS3. Lately I’ve been looking for a game that fills the OSRS itch: lots to do, lots to grind. But kept finding the commitment going into it didn’t pay off in the end, or found that the grind itself was the play and not the end game you’re grinding toward. It sounds arbitrary or just straight silly but I need a game that has a grind, a direction, and a reward. Sometimes those three pillars might come in different shades, but in the end I think it’s about balance. OSRS, to me, is a nice blend of both. I will say it takes a lot of time to grind, but a lot of my day consists of momentary breaks while I wait for more work (or parts I need to fulfill specific work functions), so the momentary input into the game is all I need.

Lately I’ve found it’s put an unfamiliar drive into me so I’ve been trying to funnel that into real world things. The energy I have for this game, beyond all others I’ve played, really makes me feel like I have things under control. And although it’s a game, I appreciate it offering some context and perspective.



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