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Digital Progress


I feel proud of myself because I’m already done with the grind in my game. As of right now I’m at 7.5 out of 5.0 million coins needed to have my membership paid for me.

Work has been a big help in this since I can have my game client running in the background. I’ll set it to go, get a task done at work, then refresh the activity in the game altogether. The in-game cycle is about 3 minutes which works well with my working tasks since I’m active for a moment then stagnant for loading.

My coworker also asked me about what my biggest insecurity is. I think (as of right now) my biggest insecurity is the fact that I feel my life working better now that I’ve introduced a game to it because then I have to confront the fact that I need digital progress to make my own personal progress feel as impactful by comparison.



2 thoughts on “Digital Progress

    1. Olivia! Thank you for your kind words. It can be hard to let myself off the hook for things that society tells me is silly, but lately I’ve just being trying to let me be happy. Hope you’re doing well in this new year!

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