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Running Parallel


Writing this before I forget but I just achieved a huge milestone in my game. There’s a mini game where you have to survive 63 rounds with the final one being one of the hardest bosses in the game. Needless to say I’ve been grinding away and finally subdued the motherfucker.

The reward is a cape that gives bonuses, one of the only in the game. I played this game (OSRS) when I was a kid—Like 8-12 or around there—and the fire cape reward was something I wanted so bad. Well, it’s only been about 15 years or so and I’ve finally gotten it. I was so satisfied and happy I was shaking when I was done. Altogether I feel a sense of satisfaction with this game because I’m mid level enough that things I thought were out of my reach are closer than anticipated. Beyond that I joined a group on the game and have met some really cool and kind people who make playing very nice. I set goals and I meet them and I have people rooting me on. It’s not that that isn’t happening in real life, but having a digital thing I can control running parallel with my own life has helped show me some perspective. Growth and progress take time, but it’s happening constantly.



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