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One Month


My son turned one month old today. And my sister is having a great time in France.

Time flies way too fast. Three days ago my wife found out she was pregnant, then the baby was here, and now he’s already growing up so fast. Unbelievable how constant the creep of time is. Soon he will be rolling onto his back and tummy independently. He wants to do it but has to keep working out his baby muscles until then.

Beyond that my sister is in France for a few more days (she left the 6th) and is having a lovely time. I believe she stopped in the country for a bit when she traveled to Europe pre-COVID, but can’t say for sure. She’s definitely there longer than in the past. She’s actually there with her boss and part of her boss’ family since the place she’s staying at is their vacation home. Such a privileged thing to write let alone own.

My sister usually snags us small little souvenirs which is great for the kids and therefore fresh for me. She’s great at them because they’re not tchotchkes or bric-a-brac. They have life. I don’t need one this time around. I am actually more excited to see her photos. I have never been to a different country so love to live vicariously through her. Maybe one day!



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