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Horizontal Windmill


You know it’s a good day when you get a new picture to set as your phone background.

To get a snapshot of a moment where, if even for a millisecond, the day felt right because it was easy to do so; the fun came naturally because we didn’t have to worry about whether or not we wanted it.

Amelia and I had a great time at the fair. We took the morning and early afternoon slow. Wasn’t gonna rush my family to get to a good thing because we still had all day. Marie dropped us off across the street a bit from the fair so she wouldn’t have to pay for parking. Amelia and I got to the gates around 2:30pm and then kicked it.

Right away we got our snack on. Within the first 10 minutes I had stained my white shoes with the crazy amount of snow cone juice they poured in. Like twice as much juice as the cup could hold! Not an issue, though. Got some water and a corn dog, then munched for lunch. Had to go get a frozen banana to get enough change to buy the wristbands so we could ride. Otherwise I would’ve had to buy tickets to ride, and the cost didn’t make sense.

We spent a majority of the day in the kid zone. Around 5-6pm I started making my way across the grounds on my trek to find a turkey leg. I was really impressed they had an area selling fresh fruit so we stopped, let Amelia play on a playground for a bit, and noshed on some fruit.
We kept moving and found our way in the actual carnival with the big kid rides. We went on the tilt-a-whirl together (a large, 3/4 sphere cart where a fixed point is attached. The ride circles and the cart itself spins back and forth horizontal windmill style). It both made us feel sick so we made our way back to the kid zone.

Marie met up with us in the evening but she had had a rough day and was not feeling it. I was bummed she couldn’t enjoy the fair, but grateful Amelia and I had a good day. Altogether we spent about 8 hours at the fair, and I felt crazy happy.



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