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I am writing early tonight (now vs. later). When I got home the apartment smelled like shit litter. I hate the smell. It is pervading. I cleaned Alexander’s litter box, took some trash out, brushed my teeth, walked to the store for new, superior cat litter, and walked home.

On my way back I was crossing the last street to get home. It was rush hour and stuffed to slight, half gills. The light sensed my desire to get home and took a long time to change. On my walk across the street there wasn’t anyone in the intersection or turning or moving except me. And I’m walking the street, carrying cat litter, and just realizing “I could only get this with taxes.”

Imagine walking across an incredibly busy road, in rush hour just stopped, watching one person saunter across the street, everyone hyper aware of the walk timer counting down. I know I would have very little chance of fighting and winning vs. a car, but for one moment we all agreed that the white lines and blinking lights all meant the same thing.

When I got home I rushed to write this. I had a dance party with Amelia, and I tried to kiss Marie’s head but she moved ever-so-slightly out of the way. It was beautiful. I still kissed her, and with that, renewed.     🙂

I love my mom, dad, sister, wife & daughter with all of me.



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