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The weekend is right around the corner which means, among other things, that I will constantly be worrying about Monday. Isn’t that such a caveat to life? You’re so focused on what you don’t want that when the opposite is in your hands it slips away.

Lately I’ve been taking the weekends to go outside with Amelia more. Mainly to walk around. We don’t really go to “places” like we would in the before times. Now it’s more like we walk around together and she points out all the things she’s learned and I make sure she doesn’t eat anything off the ground.

In the end I feel like today’s Friday stood out for reasons I don’t even care about. There was payroll issues at work, then I found out two people are about to be fired (and I have to fire one of them), and then I was scrambling to get paperwork in to the new apartment we want to move to, and then before I knew it it was 6:00pm, the sun was set, and the day passed before me.

Sometimes I think it’s odd to contextualize a day in the way I do. I remember that being a big talking point when I first started this blog in 2020: how do I record a day? Well I realize that I shouldn’t care all that much. This project is more a way to get me writing every day than it is an artistic dive into what I choose to define my day. However, it’s also nice to have something to share with Amelia when she gets older. Even if she’s not interested there may come a day when she wonders what I was thinking at 25. In a way I suppose the overall context for these writings exists as an act of sharing. Who would’ve thought?

Love you Amelia, Marie, mom, dad, sis, kitty


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