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Amelia and I went to a park today after we dropped Marie off at work. It was a really lovely park. There were multiple playgrounds both big and small, a large-ish pond that had two fountains in it, and a path looping it all. Amelia climbed around and had a generally good time. Usually she melts down whenever we have to leave a playground but she took it in stride today.

Side note: I totally saw a Cooper’s Hawk at the park. Two, actually. They have lovely reddish/robin colored breasts and their wings were a mixture of dark brown, black, and gray with pigments of white lining and dotting through. I’ve been thinking about saving for a pair of basic binoculars so I can scope some birds out and do some real animal watching.

After the park we went to the grocery store. It was surprisingly empty for a Sunday. Maybe people are out doing things pretending there’s not a pandemic going on. Back in summer there was a water park open and it’s like, of all the places I would want to contract an avoidable, life-threatening virus, a water park is not high on the list.

The day ended like most any other: the sun set, we let the darkness hold us, and when we all laid down together as a family nothing else mattered. In the past I always thought I needed something interesting to write about but in hindsight the process of recording was the act of interest, not the events being transcribed. This time around I’ve given myself permission to live for me, not live for blog posts.

P.S. I got a new, touchscreen pen so I’ll be using that to help with all my featured image doodles. They’re fun for me and that’s all I could ask for.

Love you sis, mom, dad, wife, daughter, kitty


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