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To be quite honest I came up with the art/drawing before the writing today. Usually I write my post then take a random photo and let the pen take over. But today I wanted to sort of showcase some of the art I like to draw.

I mostly draw those shapes in the margins of my notebook that I use for work. Mainly I’ll just take notes on specific data points that I don’t want to reference on a computer so there’s a lot of open space for my hand to think and act while my brain rests.

Back in high school I started to get in a habit of drawing little shapes/runes in other specific spaces in my papers. Like if I finished a test early I would draw something similar to what the featured image of today looks like. For a time I asl got into drawing little bugs with big eyes and personalities (kind of like hollow knight but a few years before it came out).

As I write this I remember a very ghastly looking moth I drew in chemistry class and I absolutely loved the bug. If I had to put my finger in it it’s most likely because A) I drew it and B) it felt like me. What I mean by that is I let the pen talk, I let my hand follow, and I let myself be happy with the outcome.

Creating is taking the time to let your brain make a moth, but it is also taking the time to appreciate it fluttering ever so consistent in the light.


The featured image is a little cut off because I like creative consistency meaning I drew the picture before cropping it to the size I’ve been using for all my other posts so had to make sacrifices for fluidity.

Much love to my mom, dad, sister, wife, daughter, and cat


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