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Got a message from my manager (E) at like 11:00pm last night. I say manager but they’re more of a coworker. In the hierarchy of my job I report to them, but in the structure of the company our responsibilities are essentially on the same plane. So, to me, I’m fine that they messaged me so late because, in a sense, they were also working that late “with” me.

That being said, however, I would have been PISSED if it was my other boss. That’s too late for a boss boss to message.

So I get the message and I’m told that E and I have been doing it wrong. Apparently the technicians I manage aren’t allowed to not work in the rain – it’s mandatory now. And I was pissed. I am pissed! Yeah the company will provide rain gear, but it’s not postal worker quality – their legs are exposed. And the nature of their work requires a lot of crouching and bending over which means wet legs.

I haven’t talked in depth to E about it today but I know they’re not happy. I’m not happy. The manager in our sister office who holds the same position as me says she’s not happy. We both feel bad for the new hire in our 3rd office who holds a same position as us, but I doubt she’ll be happy either.

There’s just so much entitlement. The company wouldn’t run without these technicians, my boss boss already exploits their work, underpays them, and generally treats them as expendable, so is now requiring them to work in the rain because… I don’t even fucking know. I’m blessed to be able to work from home during this nightmare, so I’m not going to go silent with this considering my boss boss makes stacks and generally has a very easy life.

Anyway this post is getting long. I’ll find more out about it tomorrow. What the fuck ever

E if you ever read this (unlikely), just know I respect you and it was a joy to work with you. Love to you and your family.


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