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Honey Crisp


Don’t really know what to say about this one. Marie and I watched a silly movie and had a good laugh about it. Mind you it wasn’t a great film, but it was a much needed palette cleanser. It had unicorns in it! That’s about the most exciting thing.

One of the issues I had when originally doing the daily diary blog was trying to find something profound in each day. Obviously I don’t have the energy for that. Life is magnificent and the pure reality that I am extant is wondrous enough. Who cares if I don’t have a big story? Who cares if I can’t pull the strings of the universe each post? In a sense chaos has arranged itself in such a way that I was offered the opportunity to live and grow and love and learn so I’ll take it for what I can.

Since we’re on the topic of chaos I’d like to say this: chaos is a strong word that I think gets tossed around as a means of dismissing the very intricate systems that have been enacted, maintained, and institutionalized into our every day lives. I’m not saying chaos didn’t create that, I’m saying that chaos is everything and can’t be used as an excuse to will away the very purposeful choices those in power have made to stay in power.

On the other side of things chaos, and all is resplendent glory, created the honey crisp apple. There are infinite joys in life, and the universe by a grand extension. However, to be alive and be able to experience the fresh crunch of a honey crisp apple is not something to forget.

With love to my mom, dad, sister, daughter, wife, and cat


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