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Last School Days


Gonna be moving here in less than 72 hours and the excitement is palpable. Work distracts me enough in bursts to keep the tension from slicing me in half, but even then I can still scoop it from the air like butter. The only similar thing coming to mind is like the last couple days of school.

It’s a state of being where you know, definitively, that a chapter of your life is coming to an end. The cycle has reached a logical conclusion and begins anew, but in a way that is unfamiliar. Because everything is still the same. I’ll still be working from home and writing every day and getting what I can out of life. Only, this time, I’ll be in a new apartment and getting ready for something new, something different.

I am ready to move. A lot of our things are packed and a lot aren’t. We’re only moving to an apartment about ten minutes away, so we’ve not been wasting the time packing every little thing up. My plan is to get moved as quickly as possible this Friday and Saturday, but I purposefully put in some overlap with the power so I’ll have time enough to touch up the apartment.

Our walls are barren and the boxes lend a weird, odious smell to the second bedroom. Amelia is eager to leave, I am eager to move, and Marie is ready to grow. Altogether we area family on the go, ready to continue doing our best.

Love to the usuals,


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