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Eye Zit Down


This morning I went to an actual eye doctors for my eye since it had only gotten worse since I started the medicine urgent care gave me. It was a good experience. The aide was very nice and had cool shoes, and the doctor was awesome. They made me feel heard and seen without coming off as patronizing. In short she was an absolute professional.

When she walked in to examine me she saw my eye and went “oh, I’m sorry,” and I laughed because I know. I went to bed with high hopes that the medicine would do it’s trick but woke up to a swollen monster. In her own words the doctor said it’s essentially a massive zit on my eyebrow. It’s an elevated sty she said. The bacteria got in my eyelash oil duct and has given me a not so fun body mod.

She prescribed me some antibiotics, helped me get a prescription from online that was cheap (since I’m still working out my insurance stuff) and scheduled me for a follow-up. The secretary asked how to define it so they could put a cost value on it, and the doctor asked how much that would be. On hearing she got to set the price she said it was free and I just felt really safe knowing I could get follow-up care without having to spend more money.

I got the antibiotics, called my mom for an hour, and worked a 7 hour shift so only missed out on an hour of work today. It might sound penny pinching but the money helps me take care of my family in ump-teen different ways and that’s all I’ll ever really want it for. I don’t know if it was because I felt happier than I had in a bit, or if my antibiotics and vape pen made a special potion, but the leaves outside filled me with a sense of peace and validation that, at this point, was unfamiliar.

I’ll hold on tight to this feeling until it wants to go. And then I’ll let it go.

Love you Amelia, Marie, mom, dad, sis, kitty


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