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Pink Flowers


Today was a rollercoaster. I stayed up way too late last night and slept past my alarm. Then, after Marie went to work, I cried at my desk while Amelia woke up slow. I think it was for a lot of reasons. I stopped smoking so my brain is starting to reset; work has been crazy stressful lately; I missed my follow up appointment yesterday and then my eye felt bad when I woke up; I realized I hate my job. What else is new though?

However, after the storm passed I saw an old man with a nice hat walking around with pink flowers in his shirt and it made me feel sane again. The day picked up from there. The lead singer of one of my favorite bands follows me on social media and liked one of my posts and that’s awesome. I was able to write, Amelia didn’t give me a hard time at all today, and then after work I met with some friends and they helped me read through the script I’ve been writing. I had a literal blast.

And! I learned that one of my friends lives in town. I thought they lived like 3 hours away but they’re here and it warmed my heart. Marie found out she has an ear infection, which sucks, but I guess it seems to follow suite. I get an eye infection and she gets an ear infection. Hopefully Amelia breaks the chain. If not I know we’ll be alright.

Feeling is unique to all of us, and at times it can be hard, but knowing what I know now means that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love you Amelia, Marie, mom, dad, sis, kitty


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