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10k Words


Short post today. Actively typing this while my friends read through my script that I wrote. I finished it today and it’s rhe longest thing I ever wrote. Over 10k words. That’s a huge achievement for me.

My deadline is tomorrow morning but my friend is a huge supporter so I’m extremely grateful for his support.

This has been one of the hardest projects I ever did because it required a lot of insight and honesty with myself. In the end I am extremely proud of my accomplishment. A full-length play! Wow. This is something I dreamed of when I was in college and now it’s real.

Altogether it’s like 72 pages so will probably be about a 90 minute play. The perfect length for a one act. Just like a movie. Just like on the big screen.

This will probably be my shortest post but I almost forgot to do it again and don’t want to get in a bad habit. Here’s to the arts, the theatre, and everything in between. I guess that’s, what, a ham sandwich?

Love you mom, dad, Marie, Amelia, sis, kitty


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