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Ear Ideas


Shoot. I’m not engaged in any big projects, or longer term investments right now, but I feel as busy as ever. It’s almost 10:00pm when I write this and I feel like I’m having to carve a chunk of time out of my evening. Where does the time go, for real. It’s not as if I feel it passing by but more I’m so used to squeezing every bit out of it that I’m surprised there’s not more in the day.

I think my right is eye is acting up again. I missed my appointment because Marie took both sets of keys so I was essentially grounded. I rescheduled for Thursday but I’ll see how it feels tomorrow. I might try and get seen sooner because I don’t want it to flare up again. I’ve been taking care of it and been making sure to regularly soothe it with a warm compress and then wash it with baby soap. But even then it feels dry at night and goopy in the morning.

Marie still has an ear infection. She said her sound was buzzy weird last night. I had an idea about why but I know too little about the ear to confidently publicize my ideas like that. It seems logical to me, at least. She sat next to a white noise machine and I was thinking maybe her ear muscles adjusted slightly to help better tune out the frequency of some of the white noise so she could relax, but because it’s infected and inflamed it was a more noticeable adjustment/tune out.

It sounds right on a conceptual level, but maybe I’m just telling myself that to feel better about the mind journey I went on. Here’s to hoping this posts get on better timing. Maybe this is just a wall. I’ll try not to fight it too much.

Love you mom, dad, sis, Marie, Amelia, kitty


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