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6lbs, 9oz


Amelia grows bigger and bigger every day and it’s crazy! I remember watching her being born. I remember cutting the umbilical cord, listening to her first cries, and being so exhausted it felt unreal. Obviously my role in the birthing was relatively lax. Marie did push someone out of her, so I’ll take very little credit.

When she was born she was 6lbs, 9oz, and I believe 21 inches long. A little bean by all accounts. And here she is just sprouting up like a weed! Due to COVID we haven’t really taken her to the doctor in over a year, but she’s definitely heavier, she’s definitely taller, and she’s definitely smarter. She actually plays some video games with Marie and I on occasion.

Mainly she’ll play Fortnite with Marie and her sister (Amelia’s aunt) and by play I mean run around and be able to press maybe one at a time. Either way it’s crazy. I know she sees us playing games and can extrapolate, but it’s wild to see how much she picks up on her own with exploration and practice. We make sure to limit her screen time, but one way or another it’s wild to me the enormous difference that three years makes whether it be in physical or mental development.

I remember feeling stagnant before Amelia came along and now I feel a little more in control of my happiness and actions. I’ve quit smoking, I don’t drink all the time, and I’ve made steps toward a future that makes me excited. Through Amelia’s love and existence I have been happier, and through that excess joy I have been grateful to give it back to my community.

Love you Amelia, Marie, sis, mom, dad, kitty


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