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Wallow in It


It’s my half birthday today. It falls in a Friday so it’s not exactly the worst half birthday I’ve ever had. It falls on a day where I have to work and I suppose anything lovely is clouded with responsibilities.

I am upset with a different coworker now. The other one has gotten better, but this one seems to regularly be getting worse. I manage operations for one office and they manage operations for the other and each week they seem to become more bitter with the position.

I’m not faulting them because they go through a lot more shit than I do. But lately I feel they have been picking fights and just being a huge wet towel. One of the issues we consistently have is the sales reps providing inaccurate information that delays our own scheduling and processes. Our boss asked for solutions/repercussions and I suggested that if it happens their job gets pushed to the bottom of the list, falls out of the 10-day window, and they lose credibility with their client.

My boss was on board but my coworker just shat all over the idea without any follow-up suggestions and that’s always so frustrating. We let it go but then when there was confusion about a separate problem later in the day they tried to start gossiping over text and I ignored it. After a while they sent three really passive aggressive texts and I was done.

I feel bad because I got frustrated and took some of it out on Amelia because when she woke up from her nap she grabbed the switch without permission. I explained why I got grumpy with her and explained I was being immature by taking my frustration with someone else out on her. She sat on my lap for an hour, I rubbed her belly, and we cuddled to move past the blemish.

My manager told me not to get bogged down with it so I won’t. If my coworker wants to wallow in it then I’m not going to stop them. However, I certainly won’t join them.

Love you Amelia, mom, dad, Marie, sis, kitty


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