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Both Right


It was about as nice a last day of March as you could hope. I stayed busy enough through the day that it carried me along, and had a good time watching Amelia to boot. My neck is still hurting and that sucks, but it’s not the end of the world.

After I got off work Marie came home and we took Amelia to the park together. We had pizza for dinner afterwards. Marie and I got into a little fight because we were going to play games together, but then she said I’m short with her, and I said I’m short with her because she doesn’t listen to me.

We were both right. We took some space to cool off and by the time we were chill we could talk through it together. Our problems stem from the same issues in that we get defensive and want to have fun, but are each taking it seriously in different ways. I’m glad we could come to a resolution. We didn’t play the original game intended, but we played online with her sister and her sister’s boyfriend.

Beyond that I ordered a new Xbox because they came in stock and I have little to no impulse control. I’m still planning on building a PC, but know it’ll take quite a while. These graphic cards come and go like the wind on a blustery day. However, it’s fun sort of being bottlenecked into a community because I learn a bit each day. Mind you, I don’t know much, but enough to know to start with a GPU.

All things considered it was a nice Wednesday to start toward the weekend. I’m hoping I feel better physically, because then the mentality can keep up.

Love you dad, sis, mom, Marie, Amelia, kitty


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