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Sad Spine


You never really appreciate how much you use your spine until every minute movement sends a sharp pain shooting up your back and down your arm. Honestly I think I pinched a nerve so it should pass if I work it out, but gee this is not my favorite feeling.

I tried taking a nice warm bath but that somehow made it work. Maybe the lack of Epsom salts sort of went too far in the right direction and I overshot past where I started. That’s nonsense. Maybe the pain pills just wore off. Altogether it was a fair day and I know this feeling won’t be permanent, but ouch nonetheless.

Beyond that it was pretty simple. No one really bothered me at work, I got some good work done, I didn’t forget to post (always a success), and generally enjoyed the day. Marie has this Sunday off for the holiday and we’re going on a hike so I’ve been looking through my old nature walk spots for a good stomp.

The hunt for a GPU continues and likely will for the next few months, but it feels fun to be part of a community I have such inexperience with. Every day I learn a bit more and understand what I’m looking for better. I’m not asking for much – just a 3060 ti to game a bit. I’m not one for mining or cryptocurrency since it absolutely fucks the environment. But it would be nice to play some of the newer games exclusive to PC.

Who knows, maybe I’ll start streaming one day. I have a full time job, a full time child, several writing projects, and a candle company Marie and I have been getting off the ground, so I’m sure I could find another hour in my day. I’ll sleep when I’m dead, right?

Love you Marie, Amelia, mom, dad, sis, kitty, spine


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