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Let it Walk


The apartment was pretty quiet most of the day. Amelia and Marie were out enjoying the day. They met up at a park with their friends and Amelia had a nice, safe play date with her friend. I got work done and stayed on top of schedule.

Not much to report on. The sun is shining and I am feeling good. I’ve been playing games that excite me lately and trying to take the time that I can to enjoy the little things. I submitted a short story to a couple literary magazines so will see how those fare over the next few months.

It’s weird writing a short story and then submitting it. It’s weird creating any piece of art and then throwing it to the world. I’ve gotten published before, so it’s not entirely foreign. But there’s still an oddness surrounding the entire ordeal. You go through the process of creating, then refining, then preparing, then sending. It can take months upon months just to get a rejection. However, even if I do get rejected it just fuels the flame even more! That’s how I know it’s my passion.

The “no’s” act as a buffer rather than a deterrent. It’s a way to help me set expectations and to let these pieces walk before they run. If it gets rejected everywhere it’s maybe a sign to take it back to the drawing board, or a sign that I cast too narrow a net. There’s not a lot of magazines accepting right now on the place I look. I use submittable because it’s becoming an industry norm, but it also shows where you can submit for free.

I will realistically compile a list of places that charge to send a piece in, and then start to budget that for myself. For now, though, I’m content to let it happen one step at a time. If it gets picked it gets picked, and if it doesn’t at least it still exists.

Love you Amelia, Marie, mom, dad, sis, kitty


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