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We’re Trying


Marie had the day off so we all spent it together as a family. After sleeping in a bit we got ready together and then drove to a lake about an hour northeast. When we got there we ate lunch overlooking the dam, it’s human-made waterfall, and the rainbow from the spray. After we finished eating we walked around a bit and headed home.

We would’ve hiked more, but the only other trail we saw was a really narrow path on the top of a steep bank and Amelia is a little too squirrelly to trust. It’s not as if she would intentionally jump, but she’s young and energetic and acts before she thinks sometimes. I don’t fault her for it, I just know we have to take precautions.

I felt a little bad later in the day because I hadn’t gotten any Easter gifts for Amelia. We stopped at a store on the way home so I could get the rest of the ingredients for dinner, and I got her some hot wheels & candy, but then part of me felt ashamed I had waited to the last minute. However, I talked to Marie about it and her perspective helped: She pointed out that my holiday tradition is cooking a big, nice meal for us all. I’ve been doing it the past couple years on the major holidays.

Last night I made garlic bread, Parma Rosa, Parmesan breaded chicken, and baked asparagus. It was delicious. Marie and I got buzzed off of some Chardonnay and played apex together in the evening. It was a nice day, and although I feel like I set expectations for myself that I didn’t meet, my family helped me see that I did. It’s not always what we accomplish, but how we show others that we’re trying.

Love you mom, dad, sis, Marie, Amelia, kitty


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