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Been awfully busy lately. Missed a call from my co-producer on the theater show I’m coordinating for November. Felt really bad about it so have been staying active with preparation. Got some notes taken, looked into broadcasting software, have started drafts of our press release, and am going to start designing our fliers for auditions and show.

Beyond that Amelia went back to school. Her first day was the 9th and it went swimmingly. Her school is within walking distance of my work which is really convenient. The extra costs makes things a little tighter but in the end Amelia being able to make friends, learn, and continue growing into her true self is worth it. Marie dropped us off so she could run errands. Work was uneventful other than I’m back in the office now. I won’t get into that today.

Amelia got a rough looking scrape on her knee and boy she was unhappy when we had to wash it in the evening. She’s strong and vulnerable. She’s not afraid to get hurt (all the time), and then she’s not afraid to tell you how much she doesn’t like getting hurt. This is life: hurting, getting hurt, talking about hurt, and carrying on nonetheless.

Been waking up earlier and going to bed later. I have much less free time, but even then I don’t mind. I’ve been writing more lately and have been working on a longer project. I don’t know what it is, or what it will become, but I know it’ll be mine.



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