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Fuck the System


What a day. Worked from home because Amelia had a little sniffle and she also has an appointment for a full inspection of her teeth. Day went well enough but the appointment stressed the hell out of Marie and me.

They only let one parent in at a time for exams. Amelia did great and didn’t fight, but Marie came out looking like a ghost. She told me that the dentist told her Amelia has 9 cavities across all of her teeth. She wants to give Amelia crowns and fillings and even a couple root canals. We were flabbergasted and to be honest I don’t really believe the dentist. I know she has a chipped tooth but Amelia has never complained about mouth pain before, and we’re pretty diligent about oral hygiene. We brush her teeth every day.

Altogether the cost for everything the dentist wanted to do would be close to $2500. We don’t know if Marie’s insurance would cover it all since she’s on Medi-Cal and getting it from the state. We talked business and I will likely get Amelia onto my insurance for the procedure. Altogether it’s totally batshit. Lot of stress going around.

Then, later, we called and talked to my mom. The people I manage are all getting raises so they don’t leave which is good, but I’m bitter at my boss because now I’ll be paid less than some of them. It’s not as if I believe I deserve to be paid more, but I’ve been fighting for fair compensation almost my entire time here and I’m sick of it. Altogether the office wouldn’t run without me. The sales reps would get the info, the assessors would assess, the technicians would fix, but at the end the little bits and bites of data needed to actually get any of this off the ground wouldn’t be there.

I was explaining all that when Amelia kicked me in the face to get my attention. I stepped out so I wouldn’t lose it and cried in the bathroom. There’s so much happening at once and it’s not as if I can’t handle it. Rather, I want my fucking daughter’s tooth fixed without having to jump through insurance hoops because a toddler missing part of her mouth bones doesn’t count as enough an emergency for them.

Fuck the system.



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