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Was awoken from my nap by my wife telling me “we only have $133 left in the account.”

And damned if she wasn’t right. Our rent payment wasn’t processed until yesterday afternoon even though it goes through on the first. So we checked our account on the 3rd. Seeing what we saw we thought we were budgeted fine, but we were wrong!

I will say we haven’t been spending much more than normal, but Marie’s state disability insurance for her pregnancy still hasn’t been completely processed, and my paid family leave for bonding time is in the same boat. We’ll get money through those state support systems, but I have friends who’ve already navigated it and they didn’t get paid until after their leave was already over.

Fucking criminal to have a state run system intentionally gutted to keep poor people poor. What good is a system built to allow people time with their newborns if they run aren’t paid the money they need to survive? I’m not asking for profit. I’m asking for time with my son without worrying whether or not my family can eat.


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