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Bureaucracy’s Labyrinth


Bit and then swallowed the bullet today when I asked my parents for help through our financial situation.

It was really my mom since my dad was still working. Called after 2:00pm to chat for a bit, but shortly into the conversation I quit beating around the bush and let her know the situation. She was very amicable and let me know something similar happened to her when I was born. Essentially, she was told childcare would be covered for X amount of months. It was, but it was on a delay reimbursement so by the time she would’ve gotten the money they would’ve been way past due. It was hard on her, and is hard on me, because we both thought we’d have more time with our newborns.

In the end it was not hard or uneasy. I asked because there was no other immediate option. Both Marie and I will return to work as soon as possible. I will likely return this upcoming Wednesday. I’ll want the weekend to try and get prepped, but will need the early weekdays to handle my paid family leave as it got rejected. Apparently I’m missing information that they never gave me the opportunity to submit!

Beyond that I am not worried in the long run. We can get the money back fairly easy, and we’ll be able to pay my parents back. We are both lucky to have full time jobs. It is just a matter of making sure we’re stable so that the cash flow isn’t hindered. We’re good with budgeting, but our numbers were off for our break (and the government aid Marie was eligible for is still making its way through bureaucracy’s labyrinth) so we just ran out of funds.

Have y’all ever had shitty financial stress? Let me know how it went for you.



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