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Unfortunately Marie has what Amelia did a couple weekends ago: a gnarly stomach bug. Inability really to keep any food down if it’s not liquid, and even then.

I feel pretty bad for Marie, actually. She spent the last day of her vacation/recovery pretty much asleep from exhaustion and in the restroom the remainder of the day. Amelia was at school, so that was nice. But it was also my first day back and I had to juggle helping take care of Emerson and Marie.

Altogether a fair day. I had to sort through 1600 plus emails that amassed while I was on leave. I say sort through as if I am complete. My Tuesday will be met with more tedious filing. However, I will be able to spend the day solo with Emerson, which I am looking forward to.

Been playing Apex with my best friend I’ve made here in Sac. We’ve been having a really good time. Got a little competitive during our last match, and then we lost. I worried I left on a bad note. I think it’s water under the bridge, and in the end I think he does to.

Typed todays post on my laptop, then emailed the text to my phone to complete the posting process because typing means it’s more stream of conscious. But it’s also easy to leave a wriggling baby in the bassinet for a couple minutes while I crunch this out.



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