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Awful Warm


Emerson might be a little under the weather, too. He slept most of the day and when I went to give him his bath he was awful warm.

He wasn’t fussy at all throughout the day, so I don’t think it’s bothering him. I think his immune system is probably running a little faster today just to keep his body in check. That little weasel is growing so fast that I know the germs in his body are gonna get shit on.

Beyond that two kids at Amelia’s school tested positive for conjunctivitis—a.k.a. Pink Eye. Never had it myself, but my previous styes don’t ever make me want it. I remember an episode of a show I watched as a kid where the villain was taking kids with pink eye, scraping the gunk off, and using it as the secret ingredient in their famous crumble. Kudos to anyone who can guess it.

I guess illness comes in three. I’m grateful it’s skipped over me a bit so I can help. Truth be told I’m not much of a help to Marie at night. I told her I was gonna take the lead but ended up not. I changed all the diapers and got all the bottles, but when it actually came to feeding and getting Emerson down I was a ghost. However, to my credit, Marie at least says I make up for it during the day. Which is my goal.

Can’t complain about today because I don’t want to. Not trying to find things to complain about gives me time to think of the things I valued today (or at least the things that made the day stand out from another). I am glad I’m writing more.



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