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I have a partial morning ritual. It changes a bit since the morning is hit or miss. Most of the times I’ll awake, snooze, use the restroom, and then let the day take me away. My guilty confession is, at times, I’ll turn the shower on for noise while I get ready. Our apartment doesn’t have a vent in the bathroom so there’s no white noise to cover my shame.

I feel conflicted when I do it because I want to help conserve water, and every little bit counts. But then I remember multiple corporations use millions of gallons of water daily so mine is literally one drop in their figurative lakes. It’s astounding how much water a company expends — mining, bottling — all using millions of gallons of an expendable resource.

I do my part to conserve but I enjoy the white noise, and the humidity doesn’t always hurt. It’s nice to have a sound clear out the room in the early morning. Often times I’ll let the shower run so I can just hop in when I’m done, but other times I’ll leave it on for about 15-20 minutes so I can center myself for the day. It’s a nice meditation.

Other than that I’ve been waking up earlier because we’ve all been going to sleep as a family. I’ve actually woken up before my alarm goes off these past few days which is always nice. It feels like I’m one step ahead of my schedule. As I’ve grown older the morning and it’s splendor has meant more to me than sleeping in. However, I really love staying up late, so it’s an interesting needle to thread.

Love you mom, dad, sis, daughter, wife, kitty


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