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Amelia and I had a lovely day together. We dropped Marie off at work, returned some old equipment to xfinity, then ran a few errands. She liked the music I was playing and at one point was chanting “horsies” on repeat over an instrumental track.

We got pizza together, grabbed a massager for my (still sore) neck and shoulder, got shaved ice, then picked up my pre-order from Best Buy. After that we enjoyed the sun as we drove home and just sort of talked.

When we got back to the apartment I set up my new equipment, then we painted together. She’s still pretty young so does does always understand color theory, but regardless it’s fun to watch her play. She gets confused/frustrated when she picks up a color on her brush but only ends up creating a dark patch, but even then I’ve been trying to show her that A) no matter what you paint it’s from your heart and it’s beautiful; and B) darkness is beautiful and gives us a chance to take some time to look deeper into the actual piece.

Even though she gets fed up kind of quickly, I like it as a lesson in patience for the both of us. I don’t mind getting better at painting, either. I’m no master but it’s fun exploring a new medium that I closed myself off from when I was younger. The daily drawings I do for this blog sure are fun, too.

In the end I want Amelia to know she can do something without it having to be perfect; she can pursue a craft without it ever blossoming past the point of engagement. When we give our time to something we are imbuing that with our life, and spreading life encourages love, and love encourages growth. Trying leads to happiness.

Love you mom, dad, sis, Amelia, Marie, kitty


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